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Old Town

[Video] Sushi, Sake, Paper! – The OLD TOWN in TAKAYAMA (ft. Lina)

Takayama is beautifully preserved. And its old town is the best attraction to experience the culture of the city.

Hi you guys, I am Yusuke Nasu, and today’s Japanesquest, I will take you to the Old Town of Takayama! That’s coming right up!

Yusuke Nasu 那須裕介

What is the Old Town?

The old town is located in the Takayama city in the Gifu Prefecture. It is a 10-minute walk to the east of the JR Takayama station.

The area is about 1-kilometer long, and the Sammachi Street is most lively with shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Map Takayama

Kottegyu (こって牛)

When you come to Takayama, you have to try the local cuisine Hida beef. It is usually expensive like the Kobe beef, but here at Kottegyu (こって牛), you can try it for only 6 dollars.

Kottegyu (こって牛)

Harada Brewery (原田酒造場)

Takayama has been known for Sake breweries because of its clear water, quality rice, and cold weather.

There are 7 breweries in Takayama, and Harada brewery (原田酒造場) is my favorite. Because here, you can taste more than 10 kinds of Sake just for 200 yen, which is about 2 dollars.

Harada Brewery (原田酒造場)

Shokado stationary (松華堂文具店)

If you get tired of main street’s crowd, let’s go to the northern part of the old town. Here, you can find this Shokado stationary (松華堂文具店), and they beautiful Japanese traditional paper.

Shokado stationary (松華堂文具店)


So that’s the old town in the Takayama city.

Yes, it’s a bit touristic, and yes it’s very crowded. But still, it is the main attraction of Takayama, and definitely worth a visit.

All the houses are well maintained and beautifully preserved. You can still imagine how the town must have looked back in the old days.

Okay, that’s it for today. I am Yusuke Nasu, and thank you for reading Japanesquest!

The Old Town in Takayama



Kamisannomachi, Takayama, Gifu Prefecture 506-0846


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