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Higashiyama Temple Walk

Higashiyama Temple Walk

[Video] Culture & Nature! Higashiyama TEMPLE Walking Trail! in TAKAYAMA

Takamaya is rich in culture and nature. And there is a place to enjoy both at the same time. Hi guys, I’m Yusuke Nasu, and Today’s Japanesquest, I want to take you to Higashiyama Temple Walk in Takayama city!

Higashiyama Temple Walk is located 15 minutes east of the Takayama station. It is a part of Higashiyama walking trail that also covers Shiroyama Park and Kitayama Park.

The starting point of the Temple walk is this Unryuji temple. From here, a number of temples await you.

Of all the temples, Hokkeji is my favorite one. Because this small pond here is so beautiful and instagarmy.

Another interesting aspect of Higashiyama Temple walk is the graveyards. They are a part of the walking course, so it is okay for us to enter, as long as we remain respectful.

Okay, so that’s the Higashiyama Temple walk. It is the perfect combination of Japanese culture and nature. You can feel the cool atmosphere of temples and graveyards, while you can also enjoy the nice pleasant walk in nature.

And this place is really a hidden gem. I only met nine or ten people while I stayed here for one hour.

So, if you are in Takayama, I would definitely recommend this Higashiyama Temple walk. It is especially beautiful in this season for the autumn foliage, but it is worth a visit in any season.

Okay, that’s it for today. I am Yusuke Nasu and thank you for reading Japanesquest. Arigato 🙂



1-86, Wakatatsumachi, Takayama-shi, Gifu, 506-0854, Japan


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