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Autumn Takayama Festival in October 9th-10th

Autumn Takayama Festival in October 9th-10th

[Video] A brief Guide to the Autumn Takayama Festival in October

On October 9th and 10th, the Autumn Festival is held in the Takayama town.

Main Events in the daytime

There are 3 main highlights during the daytime.

Marionette show

They will show you their traditional marionette performance in the Sakurayama shrine.


A festival parade with locals dressed in in traditional costumes walking around the town.

Yatai Parade

Four of the 11 floats, or “Yatai” as we call it, parade through the town.

Night time event

The most recommended highlight is definitely the Yoi-Matsuri, the night time parade. This happens only at the Autumn festival, not at the Spring festival.

Tips and Advice

Book a hotel 6 months earlier

Locals start searching a hotel 6 months earlier to the event. So should you 🙂

If it rains

Unfortunately, Yatai (floats) will stay inside their sheds if it rains, and the Yatai parade and the night time parade will be canceled. (Sorry, I wish I could change it, but it is nature…)

Get pamphlets on the official website

The official website of Takayama offers detailed brochures in several languages. Make sure to check it!




178 Sakuramachi, Takayama-shi, Gifu-ken 506-0858


36.1477535, 137.2601463