Hello, this is Yusuke!

I know the most worrisome process for you is check-in. So I made these guides to make it easy for you. If you have questions, message me anytime!

STEP 1. Download the Video Direction Guide! (IMPORTANT)

If coming by car, please also watch and download the parking video below.

Note: The parking space is rent from a neighbor, and it costs 980 yen per night. If you would like me to arrange the parking space, please let me know in advance.

STEP 2. Download the PDF Check-in Guide! (IMPORTANT)


Make sure you download all the guides on your phone so that you can check them anytime without internet.

STEP 3. Get the keys and enjoy your stay!

You can check-in anytime after 3 pm!

In 2 weeks before your check-in, I will send you another video to show you how to get the keys so that you can feel confortable to check-in by yourself 🙂

If any question comes up, feel free to message me!

A Bonus Video!

I believe my video below will help you plan Takayama trip a lot! Check it out 🙂