Hello, this is Yusuke!

I know the most worrisome process for you is check-in. So I made these guides to make it easy for you. If you have questions, message me anytime!

STEP 1. Download the Video Direction Guide! (IMPORTANT)

STEP 2. Download the PDF Check-in Guide! (IMPORTANT)


Make sure you download all the guides on your phone so that you can check them anytime without internet.

STEP 3. Receive the key-code and enjoy your stay!

You can check-in anytime after 3 pm!

In 2 weeks before your check-in, I will send you your key-code for the entrance door. I will also send you another video about how to open the door with the key-code so that you will be comfortable to check-in by yourself 🙂

If any question comes up, feel free to message me!

A Bonus Video!

I believe my video below will help you plan Takayama trip a lot! Check it out 🙂