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All posts by Yusuke Nasu

About Yusuke Nasu

Hi I'm Yusuke, your best Japan guide! Japanesquest is a YouTube channel that's all about helping you learn about Japan and enrich your trip. Japan is a beautiful country, and I want to share it with you. Subscribe Japanesquest, and let's continue our journey together!

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Japan Cheaply [Saving Money Guaranteed!]

Watch This Guide on YouTube! You might think traveling Japan is expensive but is it really? Because if you know right ways and tricks, you can travel this beautiful country with an incredibly small budget. So today, let me tell you how to travel Japan cheaply! First of All– Okay, first of all, let me divide this guide into 4 categories, which are– Transportation Accommodation Food Shopping Because these are the 4 main things people spend about 90% of their budget. So in each topic, I will talk about how to save money. 1. Transportation No. 1 Japan Rail Pass (Level: beginner) Okay, let’s start with a famous one. Japan […]

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TAKAYAMA Travel Guide – How to go, What to do & Eat

Watch TAKAYAMA Travel Guide on YouTube! Because why not! If you are coming to Takayama, this article will help you have the best experience in the city! What Is Takayama? Takayama is a rural city located in the Hida region of Gifu prefecture. Takayama city still preserves the best traditional atmosphere that reminds us of the old time japan. Yet, unlike Kyoto, Takayama still remains undiscovered by most of the tourists. How is the Weather and When to Visit Here is the average yearly temperature of Takayama. The snow season is from late December to February. The rainy season is from middle June to middle July. Cherry Blossoms are from […]

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