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Tsukiji Fish Market

What is Tsukiji Fish Market?

You can find markets that sell groceries and daily goods all over the world. But do you know where the largest market in the world is? The Tsukiji fish market, located in Tsukiji in the Chuo ward, Tokyo, has the largest daily transaction amount in the world.

Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo | Japanesquest

What to See?

1. Seven Wholesalers and Over 1,000 Intermediate Wholesalers

The site of Tsukiji fish market is nearly 23 hectares. It is where 7 wholesalers and over 1,000 intermediate wholesalers buy and sell in person everyday. 2,167 tons of seafood and 1,170 tons of produce are traded daily. Tsukiji fish market is the largest supplier of food to all kitchens in Tokyo.

Wholesalers in Tsukiji Fish Market | Japanesquest

2. The Invigorating Auction Scenes

Those fish and shellfish landing at their respective ports will be brought to Tsukiji fish market very early in the morning. As freshness is crucial to perishable foods, they need to be auctioned quickly.

Inside the market, there are countless kinds of foods being auctioned, but the most invigorating auction scene is found at the tuna wholesale market. Since it has been receiving more and more visitors every year, now the number of visitors is limited to no more than 120 people per day.

In order to see the tuna wholesale auction, visitors have to apply at the Fish Information Center right next to Kachidoki gate by 5 am. However, lately the application sometimes gets filled up with over 120 people by 4 am. If you really want to see the auction at any cost, you should start queuing at around 3 am. Once the auction starts, you can enjoy the amazing tuna auction for about 25 minutes.

The Tuna Auction | Japanesquest

3. Enjoy Fresh Food at the Market Restaurants

Inside the Tsukiji fish market, there are many dining establishments. Their ingredients, of course, are all freshly supplied from Tsukiji fish market, and you can enjoy the fresh taste of food before it’s distributed to other parts of Tokyo. Those restaurants inside and outside the market are mostly open from 5 am until early afternoon. Most of them are closed on market holidays.

Fourmet at Tsukiji Fish Market | Japanesquest

4. Numerous Classes

In parts of the market facilities, various events are offered to visitors. Classes include “Kids’ Market Class” for introducing children to the proper way to cut fish. The “Tokyoite Market Class” offers cooking technique with seasonal fish, vegetables, and such. With those classes, you can gain a better understanding of the Tsukiji fish market, and it will even enrich your diet and cooking.

Numerous Classes | Japanesquest


Tsukiji fish market is located in Tsukiji, Chuo ward, Tokyo, and is the largest supplier of food for Tokyo kitchens. In the early morning on weekdays and Saturdays, fresh food is auctioned off bit by bit, with vigorous voices echoing all over the place. In addition to enjoying fresh food at the restaurants, you can also deepen your understanding of Japanese food by visiting the tuna auction site and participating in the classes.

Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo | Japanesquest

Hours Open:
Other days:
Outer Market: 5:00-14:00 Wholesale Area: 9:00-
Some Wednesdays are also closed. For more detailed schedule, please check their website.