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Tokyo Tower

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What is Tokyo Tower?

Did you know there is a tower named after the capital of Japan?

Tokyo Tower, just as the name implies, is a 333-meter-tall tower located in Shiba-Koen Park in Tokyo. Until 2013, when Tokyo-Skytree opened, Tokyo Tower was the tallest structure in the country and has long been a symbol of Tokyo.

Although it is not the tallest anymore, Tokyo Tower is still a beloved symbol representing the nation’s economic development.

What to see?

1. The Remarkable Architecture.

Tokyo Tower’s beautiful, elegant, and dignified silhouette represents the time when it was built, in the midst of rapid economic growth in Japan. The Tokyo Tower was built in 1955 not only as a broadcasting tower but also as a beautiful and noble symbol of the growth of Japan.

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2. Breathtaking Panoramas from Two Observatories

The Tokyo Tower has a main observatory deck at 150 meters and a special observatory deck at 250 meters. From the main observation deck, you can see a view of the whole Kanto plain over the Tokyo bay. From the special observation deck, you can enjoy the view of one of the World Heritage sites, Mt. Fuji.

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3. Fantastic Illumination.

Tokyo Tower is also famous for the beauty of its lighting. They set a theme for each season and event. Through the cold winter into spring, they illuminate the tower with the image of “warmth.” In the summer, they use the image of the milky way with a blue color. During the end of the year, a huge Christmas tree, Santa Claus, and red deer are featured.

In fact, there is legend saying that seeing the moment the Tokyo Tower lights go off with your lover will make you a happy couple. Since the lights go off at midnight, visit it then with your loved one and enjoy a happy moment.

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4. Climbing up 600 Steps.

Tokyo Tower provides a tour that is different from any other place. You can climb up 600 exterior steps to the main observatory. It may sound daunting to hear there are 600 steps, but even a child can climb up in 15 minutes. Any person who climbs to the top will be awarded with an official “Noppon Stairway Certificate,” which will make for a great souvenir of your trip.

Normally, the exterior stairs are open during daytime on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. During special illuminations, it will be also open during the night.

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Tokyo Tower has watched over the city of Tokyo for the last half century. Even though the height is now second to Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower has long been a beloved and appealing landmark. It has been featured in numerous novels, songs, and movies. Tokyo Tower even appeared in the Japanese edition of GODZILLA. Tokyo Tower is the best place to get to know Tokyo. Tokyo Tower is the best place to get to know Tokyo city.

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Did you know?

Art of Steeplejacks.

Amazingly to note, it took only a year and a half to build Tokyo Tower. Steeplejacks were those who made it possible. They went up and down on 30cm-width footholds to build the tower’s steel frames one by one. Without their effort and skill, Tokyo Tower would never have been finished.

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Hours Open:
Main Observatory 9:00-21:45. Special Observatory 9:00-21:00
Main Observatory 820 yen. Special Observatory 600 yen.