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Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Tokyo-Tocho)

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What is Tokyo-Tocho?

Tokyo-Tocho, or “Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building” is a main government building of the Tokyo prefecture and is located in the Nishi-Shinjuku skyscraper district. In 1991, the Tokyo metropolitan government was relocated here from the former “Marunouchi government building” that was near the Imperial Palace.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Tokyo-Tocho) |Japanesquest

What to See?

1. The Tallest Skyscraper in Shinjuku

Although its main purpose is to serve as an administrative facility, Tokyo-Tocho never lacks a torrent of tourists. That is because the building is the tallest of all the skyscrapers in Shinjuku ward. The top floor of Tokyo-Tocho reaches 243 meters above the ground.

The Tallest Skyscraper in Shinjuku | Japanesquest

2. The South Observatory in Daytime

On the 45th floor of Tokyo-Tocho, at 202 meters above ground level, there are two observatories. Looking from the south observatory, all the other neighboring buildings will be below you, and you can see a panoramic view of Tokyo city, including Tokyo Sky-Tree, Tokyo Tower, and other buildings. There is also the water of Tokyo Bay spread out beyond the Odaiba area, and even a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji is visible when the weather permits. There is also a cafe inside the observatory, where you can enjoy a meal and the view at the same time.

The South Observatory in Daytime | Japanesquest

3. The North Observatory at Night

While the southern observatory is a good spot to see the metropolitan area in daytime, the north observatory is great place for a nighttime vista. The view will be filled with a variety of colorful neon lights sparkling all over the place on the ground. The capital of Japan never sleeps.

The North Observatory at Night | Japanesquest

There is also a bar inside the north observatory, where you can enjoy a relaxing moment over a glass of wine while looking at the gorgeous night view of Tokyo. Taking a sip of a glass of wine, you almost forget you are in a government building.

The bar inside the north observatory | Japanesquest

4. The Tokyo Tourist Information Center

On the ground floor of Tokyo Metropolitan Government building, you can find the Tokyo Tourist Information Center, where all the sightseeing materials and information on Tokyo are gathered. New tourists are highly recommended to come here first, in order to plan your trip ahead.

The Tokyo Tourist Information Center


Although Tokyo-Tocho (Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building) is an administrative facility, the building welcomes many tourists every day; as the tallest building in Shinjuku ward, it draws in visitors. At the two observatories situated on the 45th floor, containing a bar and a cafe respectively, you can enjoy the scenery of Tokyo while partaking of food and alcohol. On the ground floor, there is even the Tourist Information Center to help tourists with their trip.

Tokyo-Tocho is definitely the very first place to visit when you arrive in Tokyo.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Tokyo-Tocho) |Japanesquest

Did You Know?

did you know? | Japanesquest

Although Tokyo-Tocho has been a great sightseeing spot of in Tokyo, the original purpose of the building is was to execute itshouse administrative officeson. Inside the building, there are over 160,000 public servants serving for the Tokyo metropolitan administration every day. Please be sure not to disturb them.

Hours Open:
Closed: North Observatory
Closed: South Observatory
Other days:
North Observatory: 9:30 to 23:00. South Observatory: 9:30 to 17:30
South Observatory is open until 23:00 when North Observatory is closed.