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Ramen Republic

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What is Ramen Republic?

Did you know that Japan has a rich culture of Ramen noodle? The cities of Sapporo, Asahikawa, and Hakodate are known as the “three great Ramen cities of Hokkaido.”

“Sapporo Ramen: Characterized by thick noodles and miso-based soup with poke-bone stock.”Sapporo Ramen in Ramen Republic | Japanesquest

“Asahikawa Ramen: Soy sauce-based soup that contains stock extracted from pork bones and chickens.”Asahikawa Ramen in Ramen Republic | Japanesquest

“Hakodate Ramen: It is characterized by transparent salty soup and simple ingredients.”Hakodate Ramen in Ramen Republic | Japanesquest

At “Ramen Kyowakoku (Ramen Republic)” on the 10th floor of Esta in JR Tower, you can enjoy three major ramen all at once! Here, 8 of the most famous ramen restaurants of Hokkaido are gathered from each city, and offer you their masterpiece of Ramen.

Ramen Republic in Sapporo | Japanesquest

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