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Hokkaido University

[Video] 1:50-2:41 Hokkaido University

What is Hokkaido University?

Hokkaido University is based at Sapporo Agricultural College, founded in 1876. Its grounds are as broad as 1.77 million square meters, and are open to public.

“Poplar Tree Line: A symbol of Hokkaido University. Planted when the Sapporo Agricultural College was founded.”Poplar Tree Line in Hokkaido University | Japanesquest

“Furukawa Auditorium: A valuable building which still holds the vestiges of 19-century Hokkaido’s frontier period .”Furukawa Auditorium in Hokkaido University | Japanesquest

“Sapporo Agricultural College Farm No.2: A birthplace of Hokkaido animal husbandry. An important cultural asset of Japan.”Sapporo Agricultural College Farm No.2 | Japanesquest

The Center Cafeteria on the university campus is also available to the public. Menu items are all affordable, and served in generous portions.

Center Cafeteria in Hokkaido University | Japanesquest

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No closing day or time.